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The mini Juliana or painted pig is the smallest pig breed available. Unlike a potbelly, the Juliana has been bred to weigh between 40-60 lbs and only 13”-16” tall. Originally from Europe, the mini Juliana has gained huge popularity in recent years because of its small stature and dog like personality.

Pure bred mini Julianas are always spotted with various color patterns including silver with black spots, and rust with black spots are most common. White with black spots, red with black spots, black with white spots and tricolored are the most difficult to find.

Mini Julianas make wonderful pets as they are easy to litter box train and extremely intelligent. They love to play with toys and enjoy attention. They easily learn to walk with a harness.  Though, it is not recommend to use a traditional dog collar as it can damage their trachea.  

Many breeders are mixing the pot belly with mini Julianas. These combinations are much less expensive, however could be unpredictable in size as they mature.  There are only a handful of reputable purebred breeders and I would be happy to forward their information. 

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